Go West by DiVoran Lites

Go West eBook begins each chapter with original art work by the author. It is available in paperback without the artwork for $7.99. An illustrated paperback is available for purchase upon request.



After duty as an ambulance driver in World War I, Ellie Morgan returns to Chicago to take up her share of the work in her grandparents’ department store. Ellie doesn’t want to alienate her family or disappoint them, but despite a six year effort to settle in, she feels increasingly trapped in store routine. Meanwhile her grandmother urges her to marry a local politician and help him succeed in his chosen field. Ellie’s grandfather, however, wants to see her happy and independent. “Go West, young woman, go west,” he advises paraphrasing a popular quotation of the day. So with Granddad’s help Ellie secures a job on a ranch in Colorado and sets out to prove that she has the necessary character to succeed at a third vocation.
When Aldon Leitzinger meets Ellie’s train in Clifton Colorado, he introduces himself as the foreman of the ranch. But the more people Ellie meets in the community, the more apparent it becomes that she is in demand to fill a number of roles for which she is not prepared. Desperate to prove herself, she settles in to please everyone, a task that puts her at risk of failure in every attempt at finding a new and happier life.




Although this may not be the longest book you’ll read, you will savor each page with the beautiful descriptions of the locations. DiVoran has painted a lovely word picture throughout his novel. The edition I read also had beautiful artwork at the beginning of each chapter that are the author’s original. Mrs. Lites also created her own book cover.

This is what I will call a light read that encourages all women to reach beyond their known strengths. Within the pages you will discover a woman who steps out in faith. As a result, Ellie Morgan discovers what her grandfather was saying when he said “Go West, young woman, go west.” Linda McDaniel Stuck.


Ellie experienced the tragedy of WWI as few women did, ministering on the battlefield to the wounded and dying. Seeking solace for her tattered heart, she took her grandfather’s advice to “Go West, young woman” and boarded the train to begin a new life working on a Colorado ranch.

Her new role was confusing at times but the strength, honed on the battlefield pushes her forward. Yet this strength is also a negative. Will she be able to loosen her emotions and free herself to find love? I found this book to a refreshing.read in an era that encourages pushy and strident behavior to attain the title of iindependent woman.

Onisha Ellis


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…I love the little pictures before each chapter, very unique. I am really hoping for it to be a series, just a hint to the author. I loved when Molly made rhubarb pie the first morning after Ellie arrived, that is something that you don’t hear a lot about in books. Even though there was a lot of employer/employees relationships they all seem like family. The only thing I didn’t like about was having to leave the characters behind. I don’t want to give away any more of the story line but I definitely recommend this book. I received an advanced copy of the book.” Janice Sizemore http://amzn.to/2tYlc0v

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