Apps and Friends

I wanted a Bible app for my IPhone for the times I was in my study with my morning devotions. I don’t like to get on the computer during that time because it’s a distraction. I have a Bible page-a-day calendar. Each day I rip off a page and paste it into my journal. I then compare it with other translations. Next I write it out in second person, present time. When I go back … [Read more...]

A Writer is Born~Part 4

  Our little girl grew up to be sweet, successful, and smart and she married a good man, just as our son married an excellent woman.   I met Mary Harwell Sayler when she came to teach at a writer’s conference run by our church. Mary is a consummate poet and wonderful teacher and I drank poetry, the reading and the writing of it, like a person dying of thirst. … [Read more...]

Super Easy Entry Giveaway

We have a super easy entry giveaway during the month long celebration of my new release Jessie. Since the story of  Jessie is wrapped into the early days of the space program and the US race for the moon, I put together a space themed gift bag worth more than $50.00. Of course, there has to be something personal too, so I added in a very pretty necklace as well as an … [Read more...]

Green Anole, Robins and Cat Birds~Word Pictures

Word Pictures by Divoran Lites April 10,2014 Green Anole How does a lizard go along a chain-link fence? He weaves himself in and out. Robins and Catbirds Shh, take a glimpse at their underwear when they’re bathing. Robins wear white fluffy panties. Catbirds wear scarlet. … [Read more...]

Celebrating Spring With a 99 Cent Sale

  We are celebrating Spring with a 99 Cents Sale! Three days only March 26,27 and 28 Living Spring  By DiVoran Lites AMAZON US    AMAZON UK … [Read more...]

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