Go West~Chapter 52

Go West by Divoran Lites Chapter Fifty Two   Aldon No one in the cave seemed aware that Aldon and Oates were standing in the opening until Oates, holding a rifle on them, ordered, “Put your hands up!” Then in one fluid move, the three of them, Lia, Ellie, and Lastus sprang to their feet reaching for Heaven. “Oh, we’re so glad to see you.” Ellie looked straight into … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 51

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Fifty-One   Ellie When Ellie and Lia were finally allowed to get off the horses, they found themselves inside a large cave on the edge of a cliff. Furstus and Lastus unpacked the horses and made a fire. “You can kill that one if you want to,” said Lastus, “but this one is my little darling’ and you ain’t touching her. I saw her first … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 50

  Go West by DiVoran Lites  Chapter Fifty  Aldon After what seemed like a long day, Aldon and Sheriff Oates arrived at the tumble-down cabin of Mrs. Stump Slater. ‘Hello the cabin,” Aldon shouted as the two men got down off their horses. Immediately the cabin door opened. A small, bent woman hobbled from the house, lifted an ancient rifle and shot at the Sheriff’s … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 49

Go West Chapter  by DiVoran Lites Chapter forty nine   Ellie Leaving the horses at the bottom of the trail, Ellie and Lia hurried toward the waterfall. When they turned the corner, they were surprised to see two figures standing at the edge of the pond with their backs to them. The tall one wore a ratty looking stove-pipe hat with greasy black hair flowing over his … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 48

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Forty Eight Aldon “When he heard that his old friend, Aldon, hadn’t eaten since supper the night before, the sheriff, Phil Oates, said, “Let’s get you some breakfast. I won’t ask you up to the apartment. Lily is feeding the kids, and company gets them too excited. Besides, today is wash day. Anyhow, she’d like to see you, but let’s give her … [Read more...]

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