Faces in the Crowd

Review for Faces in the Crowd, by Mary Harwell Sayler By DiVoran Lites     I met Mary Harwell Sayler at a Christian Writer’s Conference in Titusville, Florida. She was speaking about writing novels and poetry and I was fascinated. She had so much experience and, as I discovered, so much expertize as a writer that I wanted to know more of what she knew A kind of … [Read more...]

What the Bible Says about Love: What love does

Be sure to visit Mary's blog, the poem gets even better!   Remind everyone to obey those in authority and be ready to do good. Remind everyone not to talk ill of anyone nor quarrel, but be gentle and respectful of all. Remember how we once foolishly disobeyed? We, too, went the way of envy and other evils, and, oh, how we hated one another! via What the Bible … [Read more...]

In a Christian Writers Life: Ministry of Christian poets and writers

Mary posted this on her blog and I thought our readers might enjoy it and be encouraged. Wondering how the members of our Christian Poets and Writers group on Facebook saw their writing ministries, I recently asked:  In what ways do you hope your writing will help to draw others to Christ, up-build the church, and strength faith? Read the full post by clicking this … [Read more...]

Words make great playmates! – Mary Harwell Sayler

Mary posted this delightful tidbit on her blog. I re-blogged it here for others to enjoy! Words make great playmates! - Mary Harwell Sayler. … [Read more...]

Couplets From a Broken Window

Couplets From A Broken Window by Mary Harwell Sayler   In a war-torn home, a picture of Christ Jesus holds a nimbus   around His head, facing the top arch of the window, looking up,   as though He cannot believe the fiery rain received   a few weary months ago. The pane of glass reveals little trace of the … [Read more...]

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