You Won’t Believe This

  You won’t believe what happened this week over sixty years ago. My Mom was in labor in La Paz, Bolivia and Gene, my hubby’s Mom was also in labor but in St. Louis Missouri. Both moms gave birth. Gene was born 12 hours before me. And how could a girl born in the Andes and a boy born at the shores of the Mississippi River meet and end up married 40 years? I think it’s … [Read more...]

Humbled Beyond Words

  I was honored to be one of the nominees for the Girl Scouts of Citrus 2016 Woman of Distinction Award. The gala event was impressive and the dinner delicious. The MC began announcing the winners and as I was munching on the cookie for dessert, I nearly choked when she called out my name as the winner in the Visionary and Courage category. I was humbled beyond words … [Read more...]


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Janet Perez Eckles Mission Trip to Bolivia

Our precious friend Janet Perez Eckles will be traveling to Bolivia on a mission trip and is requesting prayer support as well as financial support. Janet will be leaving July 11 and returning  July 28, visiting cities in Peru and Bolivia. She will go by herself but not alone because, with white cane in hand, she  will be accompanied by the Holy Spirit.Her mission is to … [Read more...]

Breaking News at Rebekah Lyn Books

Rebekah Lyn Books has REALLY big news to share! Our friend and featuredauthor Janet Perez Eckles  was interviewed this week by the Univisionnetwork!  The  program is "Despierta America" (the Spanish version of "GoodMorning, America." The extensive interviewing of Janet and her family willbe featured in a 4-5 minute segment on the program. The date to beannounced. … [Read more...]

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