What seeds are you planting in your heart

It was my turn to have my bags searched at the Habana, Cuba airport. “This is fresh fruit,” the customs agent said as he pulled out my small bag of organic apples. “You cannot bring these into the country.” I bit my lower lip. What was I thinking? The reason they’re illegal? Neither the peel nor the pulp is a threat, but it’s the apples’ seeds that pose the concern. They can … [Read more...]

Christmas Reading

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year for reading. The stories are filled with hope, joy and often romance. Last year I enjoyed reading Noelle's Golden Christmas by Tamie Dearen, (You can read me review here) so when I learned she was releasing another Christmas novel, I jumped at the chance to share it with you.   This Christmas, Haley Martin may … [Read more...]

Special Announcement

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT   In just a few days, on Saturday, September 10, I’ll be one of the speakers at the “La Mujer y Su Significado” conference. Might you know any Spanish-speaking friend who needs inspiration, empowerment, and encouragement? Here is a BRIEF VIDEO in Spanish with details for you to consider sharing with them. … [Read more...]

Getting Up Early is a Delight

Kiddoes are back in school. And I remember that sad feeling of summer ending. Back to books, homework, getting up early. Ugh! But now getting up early is a delight. And the book I’m hooked on shows how to be safe, where to have peace, how to find satisfaction, how to find healing and success. I learn all that as I “read” the Bible through my headphones. And it’s so sweet to … [Read more...]

A Recipe for Thanks Giving

I am blessed to be surrounded by talented authors and artists. Recently, DiVoran Lites sent me a picture she titled , A Fresh Journal Page. I loved the contrasts and the way it captured the essence of Florida. My friend, Janet Perez Eckles is an international speaker, an author and a blogger. This week she shared her recipe for Thanks Giving. As soon as I read it, I wanted to … [Read more...]

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