The Day of the Root Canal

  The Day of the Root Canal DiVoran Lites   Today is the last day of April. The showers have come down on time. Love bugs are hugging the window. And here I am looking for rhyme. I need to stop in for panacea. And visit the doctor there, too. And then I'll have lunch with my daughter. It’s something that I love to do.   I hope I’ll get home for a rest. I … [Read more...]

Beach Day Word Pictures

  Variety Yellow bananas, ripe tomatoes, crunch granola, cream soup with avocado slices, Rarity Artichokes pressured into giving up leaves, dip in mayonnaise, and scrape with teeth. Fun Green curly leaves of Romaine, black olives one for each child thumb and finger. Delightful Dark chocolate truffle-fragment melting. Close eyes to get full … [Read more...]

Multi-tasking Time

  Make time. Take time. Hurry up. Slow down. Not enough time. Give something up. But what? Life is a pleasure. Life is a joy. Nothing is dispensable. More is better. Even petting cats takes time. Brushing teeth, conversing… I want to do it all. But one thing at a time. Slowly So I can savor it.   … [Read more...]

Checking Mail and Playing Catch-Up

    Playing Catch-up Long time neighbors, out to get the mail, Stand under shade of Chinese Tallow-tree Haven’t seen you for a while, how are the kids? … [Read more...]

Word Pictures~Music and Flashes

Flashes Small, shiny pinwheels Catching and tossing sunshine.   Music Poignant violin brings melancholy peace. I know where you are, my love. … [Read more...]

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