The Palmetto House.. a Memoir

A note from Onisha I enjoy reading novels based on family histories. It probably comes from my insatiable curiosity about how and why people make their life decisions. Author Fred Wascura. my husband's cousin wrote  Winds from the Mountains which tells the story of his family and their emigration to America from the Rusyn village of Osturna by the Tatra Mountains. Even though … [Read more...]

Mary Harwell Sayler Interviews

Old Things R New   October Interview by DiVoran Lites   I met Mary Harwell Sayler at a writer’s conference where she was the teacher and I was the student. Mary didn’t have a watch and couldn’t tell when it was time to end the lesson. She is an excellent writer and teacher and we all wanted to hear as much as we could, so we didn’t care If she didn’t end on … [Read more...]

Michael Findley Interviews DiVoran Lites

Michael Findley, blogger at Elk Jerky for the Soul, author of fiction and Bible studies interviewed DiVoran Lites on his website August 28,2013. I have included some of the hightlights below. Tell us about things you enjoy – what you do for fun or personal satisfaction. Writing is the greatest enjoyment in my life. But, I love to read fiction and non-fiction as well. I like … [Read more...]

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