A Taste of Cinnamon

The hint of cinnamon catches the back of my throat after yesterday, when I accidently poured too much in with the cocoa in my coffee filter. Cinnamon is a flavor and a revelation. Don’t you love that word? Cinnamon. It is a heavenly sacrifice of praise that lingers as my worship stays in the nostrils of the Lord. … [Read more...]

Chairs for Children, Chairs for Adults

When I look at chairs put out for the trash I always want to rescue them. I did rescue one at a junk sale once, but it betrayed me. It was a little rocker that had a broken back support. I didn’t notice that in the warehouse where I bought it. As far as I was concerned, its life was over. Maybe someone else wanted to rescue it when they saw it on our curb. Maybe they did. I … [Read more...]

My Once a Year Neighbor

About once a year, I walk past Annie’s house on my way home from my walk when she’s out. We like each other a lot and always have a delightful conversation. This has been going on for about twenty-five years. Every year we look different, older, of course. We’ve talked about our kids and our lives. Mostly Annie talks, I listen... fascinated. Today we compared our ages. She … [Read more...]

The One and Only Bookstore in Town

 The Book Rack is Titusville’s only real bookstore. It sits on a corner in historical, down town. Businesses come and go here, but Lynne, the proprietor, has been tending to book needs for ten years and counting. The store draws customers from the nearby marina; and since they arrive in their boats, they have no other means of transportation, except walking or biking. Lynne’s … [Read more...]

God Is Able

I found this in a church bulletin once and thought I would share it with you. God is Able By DiVoran Lites From the frog that peeps and leaps, To the bog that silent sleeps, Your ways, Lord, are undiscoverable. From the bright fuchsia myrtle, To the sunning, fresh-spring turtle, Your ways, Lord, inscrutable. Unfathomable Untraceable Uncountable Your call on me, … [Read more...]

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