Writing Life~Using Prompts for Inspiration

Do you ever sit down to write or to paint -- and draw a blank—no thoughts, no feelings, no imagination about what you can do with the precious minutes you have set aside to practice your arts? Or have you ever needed to prepare a meal and tried to think of something that sounded good to eat -- and failed? I’ve been cooking meals for more years than most people have been … [Read more...]

Soon Eggs

    Soon Eggs by DiVoran Lites   The flutter of cardinal Wings, on a soft morning. A tu-tu-tu mating call. Red bird bringing seed to wife. … [Read more...]

What Shall I Do to Be a Saint?

Saint Patrick's Day DiVoran Lites What shall I do to be a saint? But who is saying that I ain’t? The Bible says we all will be When we let Jesus set us free. … [Read more...]

The Story of a Gentle Music Man

We enjoy music in our church.  We had a good set of big band drums. Then our drummer left and someone moved in a set no one could play. They were digital drums and as ugly as a group of garbage can lids, only smaller. We prayed for a drummer, someone to keep the time. Last week, Tom, a veteran of Middle Eastern wars, put down his guitar and was trying to get the digital … [Read more...]


It is a good thing to get things off your chest, journaling or talking to a trusted friend are the best ways. However, if something is ultra private, and secret, the best thing to do is to write it out, rip it out, shred it, and dispose of it. That way you have the benefit of the writing and the insight, which will immediately or eventually come to you, and privacy. You have … [Read more...]

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