Faces in the Crowd

Review for Faces in the Crowd, by Mary Harwell Sayler By DiVoran Lites     I met Mary Harwell Sayler at a Christian Writer’s Conference in Titusville, Florida. She was speaking about writing novels and poetry and I was fascinated. She had so much experience and, as I discovered, so much expertize as a writer that I wanted to know more of what she knew A kind of … [Read more...]

The Day of the Root Canal

  The Day of the Root Canal DiVoran Lites   Today is the last day of April. The showers have come down on time. Love bugs are hugging the window. And here I am looking for rhyme. I need to stop in for panacea. And visit the doctor there, too. And then I'll have lunch with my daughter. It’s something that I love to do.   I hope I’ll get home for a rest. I … [Read more...]

The Dragon Cup and Saucer

I can’t go to tea parties, because all the other cups are afraid of the dragon that trails around my saucer. I can’t leave the saucer at home because we’re a pair. We’ve been in the dining room cabinet for years, looking through the glass at the family, which is now down to two old people. Today, though, she has all the acceptable cups packed for the next tea party. She … [Read more...]

Multi-tasking Time

  Make time. Take time. Hurry up. Slow down. Not enough time. Give something up. But what? Life is a pleasure. Life is a joy. Nothing is dispensable. More is better. Even petting cats takes time. Brushing teeth, conversing… I want to do it all. But one thing at a time. Slowly So I can savor it.   … [Read more...]

Only So Many Hours

Lately I’m seeing how much God wants me to let my spirit meld into his. I’m seeing that he won’t punish me, hurt me, or give me more than I can handle. I’m seeing that His will is my true will and my true will is His will. God is love, nothing else, nothing less. It hasn’t always been like this. At one time, I so wanted to impress God, and other people, with my spirituality … [Read more...]

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