Divine Cardiology

Divine Cardiology by Mary Harwell Sayler Love pours from the veins, rushes through blood cells parting a red sea. Your infusing love transfuses me, induces me to come home: In God's heart are many chambers. C 2014, Mary Harwell Sayler from Outside Eden, published by Kelsay Books … [Read more...]

Couplets From a Broken Window

Couplets From A Broken Window by Mary Harwell Sayler   In a war-torn home, a picture of Christ Jesus holds a nimbus   around His head, facing the top arch of the window, looking up,   as though He cannot believe the fiery rain received   a few weary months ago. The pane of glass reveals little trace of the … [Read more...]

Choosing Judah

  Choosing Judah from Genesis 49 by Mary Harwell Sayler   No matter how you brace yourself, your father’s death moves toward you like a sirocco, steering dust and famine. What do you want stirred before he dies? A word of love? Respect? Or at last, just an acknowledgement that, yes, you lived.   How quickly time has passed! As you gather … [Read more...]

Dry Humor of a Poet

  Dry Humor of a Poet by Mary Harwell Sayler I’m allergic to dust. Dust surrounds me. I am made of dust, and to dust I shall return. Already, dust begins to cover me. On myself, I now can write almost anywhere. © 2012, Mary Harwell Sayler from Living in the Nature Poem, published by Hiraeth Press … [Read more...]

Speaking Other Language

  Speaking Other Language By Mary Harwell Sayler What do we know of the cool brook’s rising slowly from its rock-source: trickling, winding, fading among the lilied grasses then suddenly splitting the tomb of another field where cows laze in live-oak shade, waiting good-naturedly for just such a miracle to happen?   © 2012, … [Read more...]

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