Meditation Musing~Your Needs

Competance comes from God

Your Needs by DiVoran Lites

A word from the Lord


Beloved child,

I have called you by name. You are my name-sake. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Can a real mother neglect the needs of her baby? No, she can’t, and I can’t neglect the needs of my children.

You need shelter from the storm. I will hide you in the cleft of the rock.

You need love and friends. I will supply all your needs according to my riches in glory.

You need sustenance. I own a thousand cattle on a 1000 hills. I’ll see that are taken care of.

You need to be strengthened. I have equipped you to do everything I ask you to do.

You need reassurance. I am inside your spirit praying for you at all times.

You need to know that your loved ones are safe with me. I, personally, teach all your children of every kind

You need to be heard. Call to me. I will reason with you.

You need peace. Peace I give unto to you, tamped down and overflowing.

You need forgiveness. That has already been accomplished for you. Access it by forgiving others.

Isaiah 43:1/Isaiah 49:15/Isaiah 25:4/Philippians 4:19/Psalm 50:10/Philippians 4:13/Romans 8:26/Isaiah 54:15/John 14:27/1 John 2:2


Come Let Us Reason Together, song by Ken Medema


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