Meditation Musing~A Note From Jesus


Under the Sea

A Note From Jesus by DiVoran Lites



Keep on trusting Our Father, and Me. We are the real motivation, inspiration, and power in your life. Keep on doing your best to stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. We hear your prayers and we answer.

My child, just as you enjoy homes and rooms and beautiful interiors. We enjoy homes in our children. They are exquisitely decorated. Think of a visit to a coral reef with all its color and natural glories your interior is more beautiful than that to us.

Know too that when your job on earth is finished, we have a beautiful place for you. In that place you have perfect freedom in every way. You have dear friends, Us among them, you have initiative and talent. You are more joyful, yet more peaceful than you have ever been in your life.

Here and now, you taste of these qualities, but sometimes the gravity of anxiety pulls you down. You are like a SCUBA diver whose weights are so heavy that they keep pulling you onto the beautiful, but sharp coral.

We must say, Dear, you were never equipped to carry such heavy weights. Give them to us and we will carry them. We will buoy you up and see that you get the oxygen you need.

When you do come to us for your fabulous eternity you will have no weights on you at all. It is even is possible for you to live in a light-filled, lightly weighted world here and now. Think of all the good things you have and that we have already done for you. Know that there are things you cannot change. Turn them over to us and find the treasure chest of jewels we have in store for you.

Now it's your turn. Tell us what you think.

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