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My Dear Child,

Sometimes you suddenly realize that you’re going the wrong way. Perhaps you see that your motive isn’t clear or that your attitude is unproductive. That is when you know you’ve been veering onto the rebel way. Don’t allow this process of conviction, which is a good thing, to start you down the slippery slope of guilt and self-pity, which is the biggest possible waste of life. The deeper you go into negative thinking, the harder it is to back out. Don’t dwell on making things right with everyone. I will guide you well in My own time and in My own way and you will be astonished at what I do for you and for them.

Get back with Me as soon as possible. The need for confession came from me. I’m on the case, and I will steer you right, if you will let me. Don’t try to figure things out on your own. Even though you are a temple for My Spirit, you are yet human. Christian maturity is different from human maturity. In human maturity you become more independent, in my Kingdom you become increasingly dependent on Me.

As soon as you see your trespass face it and let me help you. Acknowledge that you have been forgiven ever since I died to atone for all Sin. But if you wish to feel forgiven then forgive everyone who has ever offended or hurt you. Know, too, that because I have been gracious enough to uncover your error, I am already nudging you back onto the joy path and giving you the strength to proceed. As you travel you’ll find new adventures and trials, but you will get in the habit of letting Me handle them with you. My joy and strength awaits.

“The joy of the lord is my strength.”

Nehemiah 8:9-11



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