Meditation Musing~God Tells Me to Organize





Dear pal,
You were sitting in church yesterday listening to all the wonderful activities offered and thinking maybe you needed something more at this time of your life.

You and Bill have kept a marriage going for fifty-eight years, you have made a living and kept a home. You have successfully reared two children and been a part of the lives of two grandchildren. You have helped in churches, met new doctors, joined clubs, studied new subjects, and made new friends.

You are people who don’t mind change, but you appreciate it if it is fairly manageable. You like to learn and you enjoy being with others, but more than that, the two of you depend on Me to be your ultimate provision and guide. You depend on me to be the miracle worker, not on yourselves.

Now, I would like for you to spend a bit of time slightly reorganizing your lives. All my people do this periodically. It is the way I have made them. Stay on the path I’ve placed you on but slow to a patient, easy pace. You no longer have to live in a stressful frame of mind. Forget multitasking. Remember, I am always in the small things. I will never leave you or forsake you. I know you don’t get tired of hearing that. That’s why I say it so often. But look neither to the right nor to the left. The plans I have for you are plans for good and not for evil. I will always show you what to do next if you wait for Me.

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