Go West~Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Let the children

Go West

by DiVoran Lites

Chapter Forty

Ellie shares a secret

“Now tell me about your life in the mountains,” said Vera.

Ellie thought a minute, then decided that since she and her mother were starting a new, freer relationship she could tell her something she had not spoken of to anyone.

“I’ve been teaching the children’s Sunday School class at the Community Church in town, even though I don’t feel qualified.” Vera made an hmm, noise which encouraged Ellie to go on.

“We have Bible stories and learn about Jesus and his time on earth. That’s the way I think of it — a short time on earth to show us that He was human like us, and at the same time He was God and the Holy Spirit. My theology is scanty, but I’ve had an experience that I want to tell you about.”

“Tell me,” said Vera turning toward her daughter.

“Well,” Ellie took a deep breath and let it out. “Sunday before last, we came across a scripture that said, ‘To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.’ Those words – accepted in the beloved stuck; I decided to ask God what they meant. Suddenly everything I’d been reading and feeling began to make sense. I knew then that in spite of my selfishness, God loved and accepted me, and it had something to do with Jesus’ dying on the cross, though I don’t understand that part yet.”

“I’m not much of a scholar, you know, dear.” Vera’s brow furrowed as she concentrated on what Ellie was saying.

”I can only tell you what happened to me. The more I thought about Him the more I felt He wanted to have me as a friend. Does that sound strange?” Vera shook her head no.

I asked one of the boys what I should do and he helped me say a proper prayer. When I looked up from praying the world seemed to be shining. The things that had bothered me didn’t bother me anymore. I felt tenderness toward folks I hadn’t even liked. And the funny thing was, I knew it wasn’t my love I was feeling, but God’s.”

When Ellie stopped talking long enough to look over at her mother, she saw that Vera slept. For an instant she understood how God must have felt all those years when she ignored him. But, she consoled herself. At least I tried to tell her. Someday I’ll tell her again, and she will understand.



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