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Wedding Journal;


I finally found it! I mentioned before how many wedding dresses I admired and a number of them even looked fabulous on me, but when I put this one on, I just knew it was the one. This may have been the hardest part of planning the wedding. Every time I tried something on, I wondered what mom would have thought of it. I tried on one dress that felt very 1950s. I liked it quite a bit and felt rather chic in it, but I swear I heard mom telling me I wasn’t Donna Reed. The princess dresses were pretty, one in a pale pink was particularly nice, but they weren’t me. I’ve never been a real girly girl.

After the my parents’ accident I was overwhelmed by all the things I would miss out on with them. I thought I’d moved past all of that but now I think I locked away the emotions. Getting married has unlocked several doors and I find myself thinking about mom and dad all the time. I wasn’t the little girl who played dress up and dreamed about my wedding day. Mom and I never really talked about it either. I wonder if she had dreams for my wedding. I hope she would be happy with the choices I’ve made so far.

I’ve spent a lot of time flipping through her wedding album the past couple of weeks. While my dress isn’t anything like hers, I somehow feel it’s exactly what she would have chosen for me. Stephanie and Mona are the only ones who’ve seen it and I want to keep it that way as long as possible. If you want to see it you will just have to come to the wedding : )


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  1. When my daughter searched for her wedding dress, I went with her to every wedding shop in our area. We found a wonderful dress in the first one we visited, but she wanted to be sure. Later we laughed at elaborate “wedding cake” dresses and frowned at the ones that looked too modern (and short). It was so much fun to be the mother of the bride and enjoy seeing the beautiful woman my daughter had become. Although we had very different styles, we both knew the dress she chose was the best one for her. Yes, it was that one she found in the first shop.

    • That seems to be the way it often works, Diane. I remember searching for prom dresses and the one I ended up with was often at the first place I visited, but only after going to every store in town.

  2. These dresses are just so beautiful I kind of want to get married all over again – very cool how you linked this to a pinterest board. I really like this idea and may do something like this for my next post. Thanks for the concept!

    • Planning this wedding has been both fun and stressful, probably like planning a real wedding. Of course should I need a wedding plan in the future, I already have a lot of the elements…

  3. I can totally relate to choosing a wedding dress as my youngest daughter is getting married and we’ve been frequenting the wedding boutiques! Love the journal and best wishes with the story.

  4. I enjoyed Lizzie’s Wedding Journal so much when it came into my inbox today. I’m very fond of Lizzie and can’t wait to read more of her story.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Lizzie’s journal. She’s been a little worried about sharing so many of her personal thoughts with people. I told her everyone who reads it cares about her already.

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