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Have you ever been forced to relinquish control? I mean, really forced. As in, there’s simply no option other than to let go. All that seemed certain now feels shaken.

During my freshman year in college, my residence hall ventured on a team building exercise spelunking in a PA cavern. One by one, we crawled into the small opening in the ground while the person in front of us ebbed into darkness.

Probably not the best activity for someone who might be overly just a tad on the claustrophobic side. So of course, the first thing I did inside was jolt on my flashlight and grip my little source of security like a lifeline. As long as I could see in front of me, the narrow confinement was somewhat bearable.

The deeper our guides led us into the heart of the cave, the more intricate the tunneled passageways became. At one point, I thought we might’ve stepped onto the set of The Goonies. It was even sort of fun.

Until someone at the top of the line instructed everyone to pass up our flashlights.

The lights went out. I’m talking utter darkness. No more security. No control. Instant panic. And like so many times in life, when circumstances strip away the familiar, I faced a choice. Trust or not. Give in to fear or grapple for courage. Stand upon what I’ve known to be true in the light or cower to doubt when darkness rushes in.

And let’s be real, the courageous choice doesn’t come easily. But maybe that’s the point.

Whenever I read stories about courage, I’m reminded that bravery isn’t necessarily about vanquishing fear or performing valiant feats. I think real courage is found in everyday choices. When we’re standing in complete darkness, with fear pressing in from all angles, and still we choose to walk by faith.

That’s the kind of courage that inspires me. And it’s one of the main reasons I get so excited about inviting you to join Emma in this inspiring story about real love, costly choices, and the courage to fight for what you believe in.

Light-Unshaken-3Light Unshaken
Contemporary Inspirational Romance
233 pages
Releases June 24, 2015


It’s real. It has to be. Twenty-two-year-old college student Emma Matthews gained too much ground last year for it all to be a dream. She has an engagement ring on her finger to prove it. Not to mention an internship she’s made for.

After a summer of overcoming her fears, Emma can’t afford for the news she just received to shake her. Not when it might jeopardize her future with Riley. And not when the kids in downtown Portland are counting on her to keep the center’s doors open. With the added strain of a broken relationship and an unexpected friendship reminding her what’s at stake, what other choice does she have?

But as mounting danger compromises her safety, friction intensifies until the risk of keeping her promise threatens all she’s fought to believe. Caught in a moment when every light in her life goes out, Emma must find the courage to lead her heart no matter what it costs her.

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Meet the Author
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Crystal writes contemporary inspirational fiction fueled by venti green teas from Starbucks.

When not working her accounting day job, she’s delving into the wonder of words, supporting her Starbucks habit, or laughing over movie quotes & singing eighties songs with her husband. She’d love to connect with you at http://crystal-walton.com


Crystal, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your new release tour.Be sure to visit again when you release your next novel.



  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today. 🙂

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