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Another Rebekah LynIt’s been a little more than three years since I hit the publish button on my first book, Summer Storms. Since then I’ve met an amazing cover designer, an editor who understands exactly what I’m trying to say even when I have buried it under layers, and a number of supportive individuals who have provided encouragement when I’ve hit a brick wall. Now, with my fifth book going through revisions and two more books brewing I have a few minutes to contemplate what I would do should I be approached by a publishing house with a contract offer.

There are some good things a publishing contract could bring. Maybe they’d offer me enough money up front so that I could quit my day job or find something that’s only part time and closer to home so I’d have more time to dedicate to writing. Maybe my sales would take off and I could afford to give my parents a trip to Alaska for their anniversary. Maybe I could afford a trip to Italy to do research for a book I’ve been wanting to finish for years.

But what would I have to give up for that contract? How much of my independence, how much of my voice would I lose? If my books don’t fit into the mold of what’s hot now, will I be dropped like a hot potato? What if I don’t mesh with the editor they assign me like I do with my current editor?

As a little girl I pictured myself as a writer. I assume I was successful because I envisioned owning a ranch and several horses. While I don’t have the ranch or the horses, yet, I do feel fulfilled as a writer. I love having the chance to interact with my readers and asking them for input on my work. I love sharing my experiences and encouraging others who have thought about writing, but have been afraid to try.

For now, I’m happy right where I am. Who knows, in another ten years there may not be any big publishing houses and I may be on the cutting edge of the new industry. I kind of like the sound of that.

I am currently editing Spring Dawn, the third book in my Seasons of Faith series. It should be available late April or Early May. To thank you for stopping by my website, I am offering you a chance to win a signed copy of the first novel in the series, Summer Storms and some other swag! Simply leave a comment below in the comments section. If you have read any of my books, that would be a fabulous comment!
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  1. You all left such wonderful comments. Thank you for your participation. There are so many kind and generous people in the writing community.

  2. James Prescott says:

    Fascinating post with great insight, just love it, and resonate a lot – thanks!

  3. Rebekah, thanks for defining success: interacting, sharing, encouraging — and getting your stories out there. Here’s rooting for the farm, horses and holidays in the future, but they’re not why we write 🙂

  4. Franky Brown says:

    Congrats on your new book!

  5. An interesting blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts. So far all my books have been contracted.

  6. You have accomplished a lot in three years! And you are blessed to have such a great cheerleader. 🙂 I’m reading Jessie now (I’ve been a lifelong space nerd; remind me to tell you about some cool experiences I’ve had thanks to my childhood friend becoming an astronaut). I’m so glad you’re part of CIR, and I love your leprechaun graphic.

  7. Great post! I’ve been thinking about traditional publishing as well. I think there are many good things about it, but the loss of control is something that makes me nervous. I think it would be nice to do a little in both areas sometime!

  8. Congrats on your successes so far and best wishes for the future – wherever it may lead. 🙂

  9. One thing I’ve learned in life Rebekah is that it’s full of seasons. Self publishing may be what is right for you in this current season and traditional publishing might be right for you in a different season. Take life one season at a time and just be flexible. Congrats on the newest publication 🙂

  10. That’s a tough call. Sounds like you’re struggling with all the same decisions many face when contemplating what to do about publishing. There are no easy answers… and so I simply keep writing. LOL!!!

  11. Love the Leprechaun.

  12. nice post

  13. Nice post, Rebekah. And you should feel good about all you’ve accomplished. You turn out good work, and I agree with your views on staying independent. I’ve always liked being my own boss. I think it would be tough to have someone else deciding how my books should be presented after having my own way for so long.

  14. Rebekah, good luck with the sale! Have fun blog hopping. 🙂

  15. I’ve read all the Rebekah Lyn books so far and can’t wait for the next one to come out. They are good. Rebekah Lyn is a Christian and she writes with a Christian sensibility, but her books are not staid or predictable. I’ve never read anything quite like them. Jessie is a wonder, and the other series are about a whole world I’ve never experienced — the world of young people launching their careers. You can’t miss with Rebekah Lyn Books.

  16. writtencommunications says:

    From what I’ve read, having a commercial publisher own your work is no guarantee that your sales will increase. According to many authors represented by the big companies, you still have to do most of the promotion yourself, as the author.

    If you’re feeling fulfilled as an author, then I think you’re doing what seems to be the most effective strategy: writing and publishing more books.

  17. I had five contracts before going indie. There’s good and bad on both sides. I’m planning to submit another book to my publisher–and also a new indie series. It’s really the best of both worlds.

  18. Lisa M. Collins says:

    I have only used a publisher for short fiction, like for anthologies, but not for any longer works. I’m not sure that is the way for me to go either. I think the prestige of “being published” by a house is cool and could open some doors along the way, but considering the % of royalties you have to give away for that privilege makes me halt. Those friends of mine who are published traditionally are still having to work as hard as the independants for far less piece of the overall pie.


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