Pampas Grass Days

Pampas Grass


Every September the pampas grass plumes were way up over the children’s heads as they set out for school on their bikes.

One year when grandmother and granddad visited from California it was hot, but grandmother had crocheted a white poncho for Renie. Renie was wearing it and sweating when she got on her bike to leave for school.

One year when Billy came home he was banged up. He said he had been looking behind him instead of where he was going as his bike flew down the hill and he smashed into the back of a car.

One year the pampas grass was gone and so were the children. Bikes, too.



  1. Nice post, and it hits close to home. When I found out not long ago that a sixth grandchild is on the way, I realized that the oldest was an infant when we ran away to sea. We need to sail back to the States and get to know them before they’re grown and gone.

  2. Time changes everything… what an interesting little blog post. Cool imagery.

  3. Lisa M. Collins says:

    Time and seasons can pass right before our eyes and if we don’t take a moment we won’t even notice.

  4. writtencommunications says:

    Interesting imagery. Is this the beginning of a new book or story?

  5. I love pampas grass, it is so majestic. We supposedly can grow it up north but I think it would be an annual and not survive the winter. I, too, plunged down a hill – on a tricycle, age 5 – of an alley and rear-ended a car that was parked and just about to leave. Absolutely terrorized the poor man. Had a black eye for baptism that week and had to remove the head bandages. I’ve been much more sensible about thing since. Great post, very poignant.

  6. I have never heard of Pampas Grass. This stuff is beautiful and sounds dangerous all at the same time!!

  7. tarafairfield says:

    Life is ever changing! Be blessed!

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