Commenting on Comments~Part 1


I enjoyed all the comments that came from the blog. ”Writing – What is Easy, What is Hard.”

Mary Harwell Sayler, doyenne of Christian Poets and Writers asked writers to tell her what they find easy about writing and what they find difficult.

My bottom line answer was that I found blogs easy, but isolated spots in my novels are as hard to write as good pie crust is to make.

I mentioned that I could hardly wait to get my new iPhone so that I’d always have a camera with me. It seems I often come home from somewhere and want to write a blog about it, but because I don’t make an effort to take my digital camera, I have to scrounge to get something together.


Great idea! I have a good smart phone, and occasionally use it as a camera.


That new phone needs to come home today. Since your birthday was recent, I think a gift of that phone for you and your stories for us would be a great way to celebrate.

Our guru and his wife (our daughter) brought pizza and our new phones last week. We had a big phone party and enjoyed ourselves very much. I learned a lot, and know I have a whole lot more to know. I can take pictures with it, but still have a few difficulties to overcome such as getting the pictures anywhere except my phone so I can put them in my blogs.

I understand you can email them, but I turned on the email and the inbox got flooded with old messages I already had on my computer and it turned me off. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy emails, but since I spend most of my time at home, I don’t need a mailbox full of letters I’ve already answered, stored, deleted, or junked.

There’s something about a full box of emails that disturbs me like dirty dishes in the sink or a meowing cat that needs to be fed. I try to keep the emails washed, ironed, folded and put away so I don’t have laundry lying around. I won’t say dirty laundry, because it’s not that. I could work through it all in a doctor’s waiting room, but in order to keep up, I’d have to go to the doctor a lot more often.

That’s about all I have to say about the new phone, except this, I haven’t learned to take my fingers off the buttons so I got a whole filmstrip of the shadows on the trail – all alike as far as I could tell. It’s pretty cute if I do say so, but I don’t know how to show it to you – yet! My new phone has a stabilizer so the days of tremulous vibrations are over. Thank the Lord for that!


On the Trail

I loved the rest of what Scott said: I also find myself inspired by things I see when biking or walking, or even on the bus: people, nature, situations. If I could find a quiet spot and few minutes, I could quickly use my electronics to publish a fast blog post.

I got clear pictures and the flavor of his activities. I could imagine him on a rock next to a lake, or at a coffee shop writing away on a blog and having the pictures and everything he needed to send it all off right then. I’ve never thought of it like that before. He’s going to be one of my role models, and one of these days maybe I’ll be able to do something like that too. Until then, I may have to ask Rebekah Lyn to help with the pictures for this blog. Next weekend, we’re going to be sitting outside an Independent bookstore signing our novels as people purchase them. We might get a minute between signing books to work on getting the pictures from the cell phone onto this blog, at that time. Meanwhile, here’s one about the festival we’re attending.


 A few minutes after I wrote that, Rebekah Lyn called and asked if she could come over. She helped 2with the email, but she got tired of deleting them too, so I’ll have to do it a bit at a time. It’s worth it to be able to use the pictures. So I didn’t have to wait until Saturday to get my selfie uploaded for you. Ain’t I cute? Ha. But seriously I am very impressed with the lack of blurring from shakiness! We paid extra for it on the 5s, but it comes with the 6 and Rebekah Lyn is pretty sure her IPad has it too. That’s one of the greatest advances in photography, but they’re all great, aren’t they?

I just added the word selfies to my dictionary.





  1. Hey – I should offer that to the folks back east… a little guru phone and pizza party. As it is they make a list of things they need to be taught when I come back to visit. LOL!!!! This could be *something*… LOL Great post, by the way!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout-outs! And I know what you mean about emails on your phone. That’s a major drawback, and I wish the tech companies would come up with an easy work-around. My solution: don’t email them to yourself, but use iCloud or whatever “cloud” service your phone uses, and upload your photos there. You can email them later to your friends.

  3. James Prescott says:

    This is a fun post…love iphones….and yes, remember selfies!!

  4. You will come to LOVE your phone and be a champ at it – technology is confusing – just take it slow and you’ll be great. Yes, per Tara above, take lots of selfies! LOL!

  5. I loved the mention of you not taking your finger of the button and all the shadowed path pictures. My wife is our photographer. On a trip to the Badlands and Mt Rushmore, what did she take pictures of? Chipmunks. Oh, sure, she got the big stuff but we have chipmunks in Ohio. My camera (old film type) had a sticky button and wouldn’t stop taking a picture so I got “action” shots like the one of my cousin’s son. He looked into the camera, I shot and then he turned and I got another 11 shots of him turning. Half a roll of film – gone! Today’s digitals are great and I’m glad to hear you enjoy yours. Looking forward to more pictures and btw, the path shot is very interesting… neat composition, great color and just very mystical and ethereal. You’re good even when you’re not trying!

  6. Fun post today! I have a great video selfie on my phone. I was actually trying to take a video of a rollercoaster, but I accidentally pushed the reverse button. Let’s just say I haven’t mastered modern technology yet….

  7. Stopped by to say hi. Kindness is the best trait of us.

  8. tarafairfield says:

    Love the message to slow down and enjoy the wonders of God all around you in the everyday things. I’m working on doing that more. Selfie’s are an interesting trend….I’ve never like taking photos’ of myself but if my grandkids can be in the shot…I’m in. Blessings today!

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