Funny How it Turned Out~A Writer is Born Finale

IMG_0465Funny how things turn out. For a while after Bill retired I felt I should do everything he wanted me to do and go everywhere he wanted me to go. But, although we got along well, I harbored secret dissatisfaction with our life together. Eventually we worked it out so that we were both free to do what we really wanted to do, even you might say, what we were born to do. Him to travel, me to stay at home. Now he plans trips and goes on them. Now I stay at home and write, and live a very pleasant life. He doesn’t go for very long and he only makes two trips a year, but we’re both happy with the new arrangement, and guess what. As it turns out we are both writers. Who would ever have thought it?




I am happy to say that Bill is a weekly blogger on my blog  Old Things R New. His posts and especially his travel ones are very popular  both in the United States and internationally-Onisha



  1. I am so glad I have been able to be a part a your journey!

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