Moon Landing 45th Anniversary

The countdown to the forty-fifth anniversary of the  Moon Landing and the release of Jessie has begun!

Forty five years ago the world watched as Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins  and Neil Armstrong blasted off from Kennedy Space Center with the moon as their goal. Would they be able to land, what would the moon be like? Four days later they did indeed land as the world watched breathless for that first step.  I wonder what  astronaut Michael Collins was thinking as they journeyed to the moon. Would he have the courage to leave his friends behind if they were not able to return to the command module?  Aldrin and Armstrong are the ones most remembered but I think the most difficult part of the mission was Michael Collins role. His book, Carrying the Fire is on Amazon if you would like to learn more.  If you have memories or thoughts about the moon landing, would love to hear from you in comments below!!

I grew up in Titusville, directly across the river from Kennedy Space Center. The space industry has always been a part of my life. As the shuttle program began to wind down,  I decided to learn more about how it began. After two years of research and interviews, my new release Jessie was born.

Here are some snippets from readers:

Usually, I am not one to read books that are based in flying or space, but I am thrilled that I took the chance with this book.


Lyn does a great job of capturing not only the joy and innocence of the era, but also the darker subtext of pain and loss that came with every stride forward. The book culminates with the walk on the moon, as seen through Jessie’s eyes—and ends on the same high note of exhilaration felt by the entire nation at that moment.

I truly did love this read. The comradery shared amongst his brothers was more than amazing. I can only imagine the life in that time…being a mother working 3 jobs in a house with 4 teenage sons. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a feel-good story.

loved the positive male influences that Jessie had in his life. The respect these boys showed to their teachers, mother, and even father


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