Receivers and Transmitters

Blue with Sea Shell

by DiVoran Lites

Dear Onisha,

I’ve just had an epiphany and I wanted to write and tell you about it. I ran into a young woman I can’t say where. I’d met her casually before. We started a conversation. We both enjoyed it, I like to listen (most of the time), and she seemed to need to talk. She was so funny that I’d love to see her as a stand-up comedian or a blogger. Do you ever meet people you just know could write if they wanted to? I mentioned that we had a blog-site, but warned her that we were Christians. She hesitated. “But we’re nice,” I said. So then she started talking about nice people versus not nice people. She likes nice ones, as do we. We went on talking for another thirty minutes.

As we each went on our way I wanted to know that the Master had been there with us. Suddenly I had that wonderful sense of knowing that God sometimes bestows on us. The thought: My dear child, I heard and I have answered. It is finished, came into my head. I was so thrilled I wanted to sing and dance. Wow! No begging. No figuring things out. No fasting. No prayer list. Done.

Years ago, when I first became a Christian. Someone taught me that above all I was supposed to be an intercessor. I read books about it and learned the protocols for being effective, but I was always surprised if I heard any results of my prayers. I always figured I just wasn’t doing it right, or I wasn’t trying hard enough.

Perhaps it doesn’t demand, “trying”. Maybe God has another way. Could it happen like this–the spirit in us, which is filled with the Spirit of Christ, is a transmitter/receiver that takes in impressions and discernments, and sends quick, silent prayers to God. He then sees to everything–the healings, deliverances, and the continued poring out of awareness and His love. Could it be that praying doesn’t always have hard work?



Dear DiVoran,

I love your epiphany!! Why do we keep beating ourselves up because we aren’t serving God in exactly the same way as someone else, especially someone we admire? He created us to be unique. Do you think maybe he uses some people to fast and pray without ceasing, and then uses someone like you who is a wonderful listener and accepts people freely to carry out His mission? (I thank Onisha for this wonderfully encouraging compliment).

I am sure at least half of the people attending church feel the same way you and I have felt. It’s so wonderful to learn we just have TO BE and God will take care of the rest.



The Master says:

My Dear Child,

Watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I do the praying in you and for you. I keep you present before God. Trust me

Matthew 11:29, Romans 8:26, and John 14:1





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