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Word Pictures March 22, 2014
By DiVoran Lites

Skylight from Couch
White clouds against blue sky
Squirrel on roof peeking down.

 Night bird

Chuck-will’s-widow, whippoorwill, cheering the night.


Bright yellow cosmos growing everywhere, add purples and whites.

Sandhill Cranes
Four sandhill cranes come to dance for us on Thanksgiving Day

The Darkness

In the darkest night, I sing His song to reveal His light.

Small Golden Cloud
Flitters of tiny dragonflies glinting like gilt flakes in the sunlight.

Green Peppers
Full of mood knobbly, and bulbous

 Angry Squirrel

Chatters, swishing tail at me.


Yard with weeds, always yelling what it needs.

Tentacles with suction cups reaching out from dark cave.

Cactus Flower
Bumble bee sleeping. Get busy bee.

 Cactus Bud

Brown bugs live, work, and sleep in cactus bud.

Clatters on porch roof like a tambourine.

 After Rain

Drop diamonds reflect shimmering flowers

Backpedals in air, hovers, and then settles still, facing silence.


Waves shish shells to shore then take them back to sea.

Two by Two
Two green plants, two sparrows, two ants.

 Sunday Morning Sprinkler

Sprit, sprit, singing while diamonds sparkle on leaves.

Heart Healing
Cat lies on my chest, purring.




  1. divoran09 says:

    Thanks, Mary. I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

  2. DiVoran, your poems read like your lovely watercolors – full of color and light. And, “The Darkness” is exactly the kind of poem I love to see posted in our Christian Poets & Writers group on Facebook – short, insightful, and uplifting.

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