Chairs for Children, Chairs for Adults

When I look at chairs put out for the trash I always want to rescue them. I did rescue one at a junk sale once, but it betrayed me. It was a little rocker that had a broken back support. I didn’t notice that in the warehouse where I bought it. As far as I was concerned, its life was over. Maybe someone else wanted to rescue it when they saw it on our curb. Maybe they did. I imagine a carpenter could have revived it, but then I think carpenters can do almost anything. Anyhow I know One who can.

Victorian Chair

Victorian Chair

Remember all the chairs in your life?

Chairs for children and chairs for adults

Chaise lounges on the back porch where you can hear the birds sing.

Wide easy chairs when the kids were small that would hold a variety of people, either an adult and a child or two children

The lady-sized pink one I put out for the trash that I always wished I had kept for my bedroom.

The ones I now read in with a lamp at my side my feet up on a cross stitch covered stool made from giant wooden thread spools.

The chairs with cat hairs on them that I have to clean with a tape roller when people come to visit.

Office chairs for working at computers.

Patio chairs to sit in to eat supper on the back porch when the day cools off.

Small wooden rocking chairs for my brother and I when we were small. They were build by the convicts in the penitentiary where our granddad was a guard.

Uncomfortable chairs where my legs dangle because the chairs are too big for me.

Antler chairs in a museum in Canon City, Colorado.

Antique chairs with pretty cross-stitch covers made by Bill and Judy’s grandma and mother.

It’s hard to pass up a chair anywhere without at least giving it a good look. If we didn’t have chairs, we’d have to sit on the ground. And that’s about all I have to say about it, at least for the time-being.

Did you have a favorite chair when you were a child or do you have a favorite right now?

Fun Chairs

Fun Chairs


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