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Beginning September 4, 2014 through September 12, 2014 DiVoran Lites Amazon best seller

Sacred Spring

Will be on sale for only 99 cents on Amazon

Sacred Spring is the first book in the Florida Springs Trilogy.

From a review:

Sacred Spring by DiVoran Lites is a well-crafted story that well illustrates the delicate balance of nature and development. Elaine Donovan has spent almost her entire life with her grandfather and younger brother at the Sacred Spring campground located an hour north of Orlando, Florida. After a government grant to repair the water system is revoked, Elaine is forced to consider selling the campground. To complicate her situation she finds herself romantically attracted to the handsome construction chief, Hank Schaefer whose company wants to buy Sacred Spring. Gently woven throughout the story is the sweet message of God’s love for each of us. While this may be a “debut” novel, the beauty of the language and excellent story line far exceeded my expectations.

Sacred Spring, by DiVoran Lites, is a contemporary Christian romance novel with an environmental theme.

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