12 Days of Poems for Christmas

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I am excited to share great news! DiVoran is gifting us this Christmas with 12 days of Christmas poems. Be sure to stop by everyday for her newest poem. If you enjoy them feel free to share on your Facebook  or with friends, just make sure DiVoran is credited as author. Enjoy~Rebekah


The Electric Candle


The Electric Candle

As I write

A flickering light,

A light for night

Comes on my sight

A lovely wreath

Surrounds a sheaf

Of many leaf

And fond belief.

A candle flame,

Of high acclaim,

Always the same

Declares His name:


Come let us adore Him.

gingerbread01 animated

Food for Thought

Pumpkin pies and fruitcakes too.

Tell me what I’m gonna do.

Cookies oh, so eat a lot.

Open presents on the spot.

What is Christmas all about?

Jesus’ birth…so sing and shout.

Animated trains

Stumpy Saves the Day

Our yard…our joy, and pride.

Filled up with weeds: we cried.

Stumpy was on our side

But we thought Stumpy died.

When Stumpy comes on back

In his old Cadillac

He still retains the knack

Of blazing trails and track.

Our family comes…each one

We celebrate the Son.

The joy, the gifts, the fun,

Christmastime in Christendom.


Dateline Florida December 18, 2013

A small girl, in green, scooters past our house, on her way to school, with her pack on her back.

Six kids play a complicated game of tag, on the lawn, under a palm tree, until it’s too dark to see

A shiny red and white bike, a gift from her parents, waits in our shed, to go under the tree, for the ten-year-old who lives across the street,.

A Salvation Army man stands outside Wal-Mart, next to his red kettle, and invites a boy to ring the bell.

Shaking gift

The Key

Tim and I look for presents.

Mom says she hid them well.

Dad knows where the presents are.

But, Dad will never tell.

We just keep on looking,

Found a suitcase under the bed,

The gifts must be in there

Anyhow, that’s what James said.

 The key is on a ribbon

Mom wears it on her chest

We’ll try to get it later

We will do our best.


        While Mom was in the shower

I finally got the key

I put it round my neck

And now it’s wearing me.

Mom said, if I open the case

She will have to cry

I give the key back, right away

‘cause, if I see her cry, I die.

carollers01 not flashing

The Lutheran Choirmaster at Christmastime

His choirs grew smaller

And then smaller yet

He wears a toupee

He tends to forget

The church’s organ

Took money and tears

The organ is new

But it’s been here five years

He loves his music

Singing thrills him as well,

He knows his composers

And will willingly tell.

He sings with gusto

And resonant voice

Leads eighteen carols

All of his choice.

Joy to the world, now

We sing out our song

And though we’re not Lutherans

We know we belong.

gingerbread01 animated

The Feast


Peel potatoes, boil them too

Mash them up, make gravy goo

Cake anyone? There’s the flour

It will only take an hour.

Now we have a culture shock

Turkey/ cranberry in a crock

Pumpkin doesn’t have its crust

As a family we all adjust.

wreath02 skinny

Passing the Cemetery on a Winter Day In Florida

Driving down Highway One,

Coming to the cemetery

We see a grocery cart piled high with stuff,

Occupying the sidewalk.

Not Christmas gifts, just who knows what–

Somebody’s treasures,

And there, sitting on a low wall

That faces the busy highway,

She sits in coat and headscarf,

In the gentle sun, contentedly,

Resting, and reading her newspaper


Dateline Flanders, December 24, 1914

 Cold night, starry night,

Not a solider here in sight.

Trenches dug as deep as graves,

No one stirs, and no one waves.

Suddenly from out the dark

Comes a candle like a spark

Set upon a small pine tree

Lighting bold and shining free.

German sign ‘cross no man’s land

A song rings out, a friendly hand.

Sunrise comes, thus ends the night.

“You don’t fight. We don’t fight.”

Daylight now, they bury dead

Not in trench, but grave instead

Then the boys share gifts of food

In Christmas cheer and kindly mood

And then a bit of playful rest

The touch of Life, a game of zest

Until the Brass Hats get the word

Oh, no, they say, it’s too absurd.

Get back to work and shoot some more

Peacefulness is such a bore.

The Christmas truce comes to an end,

Millions dead before the mend

In the spring red poppies grow

Around the crosses, row on row.

We’ll always have the wars you see,

But Peace has come for you and me.


Taste and See

By DiVoran Lites

Pumpkin Pie

Fruitcake too,

Tell me what

I’m gonna do.

Cookies, oh, so

Eat a lot

Open presents

On the spot

What is Christmas

All about?

Jesus birth,

So sing and shout.


The School Program

We’re here at the fifth and six grade concert. They have an orchestra, a chorus, and earnest young teachers. The chorus sings, “Felice Navidad,” and claps. Granny claps, too, enjoying the rhythm. But the lovely teen is sooo embarrassed. Toddler climbs from teen’s lap over granny to mom’s lap, where he will wiggle and squirm to avoid sleep until the concert is over.

Oh, holy night. Oh, fleeting time.

Thank You



Comestibles at Christmas

 Why do I love coffee?

Why do I love tea?

Why do I eat chocolate?

Anything wrong with me?

The Lord gave us these tastebuds.

He gave us things to eat.

He tell us to investigate

The bitter with the sweet.



  1. Happy Holidays to you – the poems are lovely. 🙂

  2. Very nice. 11 more to go – so special.

  3. I love this! What an awesome gift!

  4. I’d like to share my Twelve Days of Christmas Poems with you, my friends.

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