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I’m sitting beneath the Space Shuttle Atlantis. My eyes burn and my heart aches with pride and sadness. Our country worked so hard and sacrificed so much to conquer space. There are not words to accurately express the wash of emotions I have felt today. Poignant sadness at the reminders of those we have lost. Soaring joy and excitement at the recreation of the moon landing. Awe at the majestic positioning of Atlantis in her final home. Sadness that a generation of children won’t have a chance to experince the impressive launches I grew up with. Pride that my dad was a part of this program. Hope that Jessie’s story will inspire others to further our space adventure. Humbled at the wonderous creation God gave us.


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The courage and ingenuity of those who brought our space program so far makes me proud to be an American. From the last Apollo mission to the first Space Shuttle launch was almost ten years and I wonder how long it will not be before we return to space.



  1. Only when man’s imagination is stunted will humanity fail. My buddy developed the first pictures from the moon and made 2 illegal copies – one for him, one for me. Earthrise will always be my favorite. I so enjoyed the space program and my imagination soared. Great post.

  2. That’s pretty awesome – I’m always inspired at achievements like this. Thanks for sharing!

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