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I met Mary Harwell Sayler at a writer’s conference where she was the teacher and I was the student. Mary didn’t have a watch and couldn’t tell when it was time to end the lesson. She is an excellent writer and teacher and we all wanted to hear as much as we could, so we didn’t care If she didn’t end on time.

Mary was staying at the conference center of the church I attended, but it wasn’t easy for her to get away, so the next day I took an inexpensive watch and gave it to her. She received it graciously and from there we became not only student and teacher, but the best of friends.

I took her poetry writing course and she helped with my first novel. I drove to her hometown once a month and we learned about each other’s families. Mary was endlessly creative and constantly encouraging of my efforts to learn how to write poetry. She has never stopped being a role-model for me and a supporter. Check out her links, get to know her. You will be glad Mary Harwell Sayler has come into your life.

Mary, your newest book is Christian Writer’s Guide. Can you tell us how this book is different from other writer’s guides that are available?


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Definitely! The most noticeable difference occurs in the opening pages of the e-book, which begins with prayer, discusses the importance of a biblical foundation for writing in any genre or readership, then helps Christian writers discern a gift or calling in the writing ministry. Also, such sections as “Listen for The Voice in your voice” address God’s leading. Since I wanted to offer as much practical information as possible and keep the price low, the last part of the e-book includes an extensive Glossary to help writers learn the unique terminology and techniques associated with writing.


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