Getting High

Getting High

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I remember those words from another generation. Are they still apropos? By the way I hate that word it sounds as if someone has the flu.

Anyhow, let me tell you about the high that happened to me minutes ago.

On my way home from my walk I came off the trail and entered the neighborhood. A good neighbor was having a garage sale. Those things attract me as flowers attract butterflies, so I fluttered across the street to have a look and a chat with the sale-er. This neighbor is especially precious because she, her husband, and their two blond-haired boys have lived in the house since the boys were toddlers, and because her husband and another neighbor helped get a downed tree off our house after Hurricane Charley. The boys are thirteen now, and very smart. I could see why as I looked through the childhood books for sale, and their mom told me how she had read to them even before they were born. She read a children’s Bible, mostly.

I selected a few children’s books for my Sunday School class, but didn’t have any money with me, so I walked home to get some. When I was almost here I thought about taking two of my books, Sacred Spring, and Living Spring to her and her helper. The ulterior motive didn’t surface until  later, I’m always happy for people to read my books and that was enough for me at that time.

When I gave them the books they were truly thrilled. I guess it was the subject and the covers. The helper said, “My husband will read this book too, he reads everything he can get his hands on about Florida. He won’t use a motor on a boat. He has a kayak, and a canoe.”

“Several men have liked those books.” I told her. and it’s true. Then I asked if the women would consider writing reviews for Amazon about the books if they liked them and they both eagerly agreed that they would.

“And I’ll tell people about it,” the neighbor said. I work for the County.

“I’ll tell people too,” said the helper. “I work for the School Board.”

“You can be my little fan club.”

They both nodded happily. I felt so warm, fussy, loved, and accepted that I couldn’t wait to get home and tell you about it.

Some highs are good for us. What makes you high? Or perhaps it would sound better if I were to say, “What puts you in high spirits?”


Happy Writing,




  1. Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your comment. We writers have so many things in common. It’s nice to know that others experience the same things with their writing that I do.

  2. I love those little meetings that turn out to be so great! These are the signs that show us we are doing what we love. We get such a high from the positive response… Love it! great post!

  3. What gets me high? A lot of things. When my grandchildren, especially the younger ones, come to visit, enter the house and their eyes light up and they come running to hug me with a loud “Grandpa!” for all to hear. Another great moment for me to get high is when I get to be a speaker at a writing event. I love to talk about writing. And finally, those special times when my wife and I can just sit quietly on the deck, holding hands in the evening and listening to the birds and nature in our wooded acre in the country.

  4. One of my favorite things about being a writer is hearing how my writing impacts others, it’s all about the readers! You impact others with your spirit of generosity and caring, God Bless!

    • Dear Tara,

      I agree with you that reaching out to other people is the most gratifying thing about being a writer. I feel called, don’t you? I sometimes think of my novels as big tracts, but not altogether, they all have Christ in them, but I hope they are such good stories that people read them for pleasure. Thank you for commenting. The comments make me feel I have good friends I just haven’t actually seen.

  5. That was so nice what you did! You know, it’s the little things that we do in this world that make the most difference. You could have just gone home, but you took the extra step to think of someone else – a high indeed. 🙂

    • Dear Elyse,

      Thanks for your comment. I enjoy communing with you. Aboutt, “Getting High:” It’s a bit difficult for me to do any marketing or ask people to read my books, so I was glad that the ladies responded so favorably to my effort. I guess it also confirmed I was hearing right. I always love that. And yes, it proves once again that being nice to someone really is the best way to get a lift.

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