Summer Sounds

I love the sounds of nature



It’s summer which means in early morning it’s light enough and warm enough, to write letters to God on the back porch. Today I heard: an airplane overhead, a cardinal back in the woods, an air-conditioner coming on, the dog next dog barking intermittently, a single cicada, which is unusual, and a tapping from the renovation house next door. A rooster that lives at the end of the street continued to yodel long after he had forced the sun to come up. By the time I finished my letter to God, I was able to add a cat’s plaintive meow (the cat begs to move in with the family that lives next door to him), and a car staring up, maybe to go to the beach.

Where are your writing places and what do you hear from there?

Love the sound of the sea

Rebekah Lyn’s favorite place to write.

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