Have You Ever Written a Letter to God?



The best bit of advice I ever got was to write a letter to God. Why? Well, it got me started communicating with Him and by default with myself. I’ve written a letter to him almost every day

I love writing letters on my porch

Sometimes I have help

since about 1970 or so. Some were short, most were several pages long. I learned from doing it that God is always there for me and he doesn’t care what I say or how long it takes me to say it. I’ve learned that He really loves me, and that to him, I’m a unique and special person.

Now some people just talk to him, and I admire that way of doing it, but it doesn’t work as well for me. Maybe I I can’t concentrate, or I get bored with hearing my own voice, or thoughts run away with me and I get distracted. But a letter? That’s different. It’s as if my whole mind, soul, and body gets into the exchange, and exchange it is because God writes letters to me as well, in many different ways. I’ll tell you about some of that later on. For now, though how about you? Are you a talker or a writer?








  1. I guess I like to talk to writers-THAT’s always fun! I’ve written letters to God-so I guess I was a writer at that point 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I talk rather than write but, as DiVoran says, I get distracted. Thinking maybe I should start writing instead or at least in addition to talking.

  3. Many, many,many of my journal entries are letters to God. Sometimes the only way to get out what’s on my mind.

  4. Write more, talk less is probably a good idea in most situations.

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