A “Go” Bag Isn’t Just for Conspiracy Theorists


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There are lots of survival shows on TV these days, and many of the people on them probably look crazy,

Do they have a go bag?

Wonder if they have a “go” bag?

with their plans for getting out of town fast in the event of a variety of disasters. I’ve learned from these shows though that a “go bag” isn’t just for conspiracy theorists. Living in Florida, I deal with torrential downpours, tornados, hurricanes, wild fires, and highways shut down due to major wrecks. In 1997, I was working the night shift and wasn’t able to get home because all routes were closed due to wild fires. Fortunately, I was working for a hotel at the time and was able to get a room for the night. We wore uniforms so I didn’t have to worry about fresh clothes, but sitting up that night, watching the news coverage of the fires burning, inching closer to homes and threatening to keep the roads closed for days, I vowed that I would never make my commute without at least an overnight bag from then on.

Building my go bag has taken years. It started with a basic change of clothes and a blanket, in case my car broke down somewhere. After a particularly good session working with my technical guru

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on the video trailer for Summer Storms, I was too tired to make the drive home and had to be back in to work in only five hours any way, so I crashed in a hotel with my trusty go bag. When I got in the room, though, I found out my bag wasn’t as trusty as I thought. The pants I had didn’t match my dress shoes, I didn’t have any toiletries, contact lens case or solution, not even a hair brush. Fortunately the hotel gift shop was still open and I was able to buy the few things not provided complimentary. When I got home the next night, I made a list of the things I needed to add to my bag.

Now, I feel confident that my bag will get me through just about any spontaneous situation, well, except an invitation to a formal event. I haven’t figured out how to cram an evening gown in the bag. I guess I’ll have to depend on my fairy godmother for that.

Every girl needs a fairy godmothr

Just in Case!



  1. Great advice. Better to have something ready and never need to use it than not have it and someday wish you had.

  2. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea! I live in alpine country, and it is imperative we be prepared on all fronts. Thanks!

    • In alpine country I recommend keeping a package of hand or feet warmers. I actually had to use one of these a few weeks ago when I was chilled (from food poisoning I think) and it was VERY warm. Lasted for hours too.

  3. Living in Southern CA, and right near the beach, where this type of thing doesn’t happen often, I’d never thought of this… We all hear of emergency kits in cars with bottled water, granola bars, etc. But this is a very smart idea. Great post!

  4. Shoot. I thought you meant leftovers from some fancy restaurant. Now I’m hungry. LOL. Actually I do agree with your notion. I suggest a “Just in Case” (my own invention) to all my lady friends… but it’s a little more mischievous than yours… I suppose they could add some practical items… Like clothes and hairbrush… HA!

  5. A Go Bag is a GREAT idea. I’m going to have a “Hurricane Sandy” bag. We got hit badly with it and we were out of power for 12 days. I’ve started building a precautionary bag for next winter that includes additional candles, matches, flashlights, lamps and thermals… I’m also getting cords of wood for the fireplace (it got cold)… and maybe even hand warmers… great idea – everyone should be prepared.

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