Hello friends


Come sit with us on the potato couch, the seat of all inspiration, and friendship. Thanks for joining us. It was lovely to hear back from you. We appreciate the long and priceless association we have with you and look forward to getting to know you better.

I was twelve the first and only time I went to church camp. It was near Colorado Springs. We learned a campfire song: “It’s love, it’s love, it’s love that makes the world go round. Oh, we’re sailing over the ocean, we’re sailing over the sea, we’re sailing over the ocean and the deep blue sea.” Those simple words carry the meaning of our relationship with God and with people, and I decided to explore them to the best of my ability for the rest of my life. I have done so and it has been a delight to focus in that way.

We hope to share some of the love and joy we have in people, in writing and in prayer. Perhaps that is in reverse order, because to us, in reality it’s prayer that makes love move around. We will want to know what you think and we would love to hear your ideas about how we are doing with the website. Know that we will be praying for all our readers and friends and hoping that you will be praying for us too.


Love, DiVoran



Now it's your turn. Tell us what you think.

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