The Song of My Life

Song of My LifeI love singing with the praise team at church. Our director has an astonishing talent. We are a small congregation, none of us  formally trained in music except for singing most of our lives. We do it all by ear, including the musicians. I’m not sure how we sound, but for me, singing is like art, I like to do well and be appreciated, but the most important thing is the doing of either one. I read today, May 5, in Streams in the Desert about not letting the song go out of my life. We can,

“sing our cares away easier than we can reason them away.”

This means we can choose to worry and fret; we can try to figure things out for ourselves, or we can tell God about our experiences, our thoughts, and our fears, and ask him for wisdom and guidance. Many times he will fight the battles for us. We’ll look around and the problems have melted. That’s what can come of thanking Him, praising Him, and singing to Him when we have needs or when we wish to express our gratitude to Him for all the love and grace he has poured into our lives.


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